How y’going folks

I can’t believe that I haven’t written since April! So much has happened since then.

The Willoshed concerts were a great success again, despite the rain, particularly on the second day. A number of people commented, however, that there was something special about being in the shed with the big open fire while it was raining outside. Of course, the shed was designed to cope with the weather; otherwise I would do outdoor concerts. I think some of the guests actually had a laugh about having to be pushed out of the mud at the end of the second day.

It was all part of the experience. I’ve already done things to improve the situation if it rains next year. It’s always a learning curve, but getting it all started was the hardest part. Of course it wouldn’t be possible without the band of wonderful, great mates who enjoy helping us out. I’m looking forward to it all again already. Meg tells me (now that she’s recovered), we plan to get tickets on sale mid September for next year.

Meg and I recently returned from the NSW Variety Bash again. We finished in Darwin, after driving for eleven days and covering nearly 5000km. It was a great experience as usual. The poor ute copped some rough roads, but we made it. Next year I’ll be doing the Gympie muster which often clashes with the Bash, so we’ll have to wait and see. Meg has done seventeen Bashes now and doesn’t seem to want to stop! It does wear you out. Once again the Bashers raised nearly $2million for special needs children. A great effort! I’m a fully-fledged Basher, not a guest artist. However, I was asked to put on a concert on our night in Jabiru, under the stars, and I did love it. The Bashers deserved it. It made me think about performing some old songs I haven’t done in a while that related to our trip, ‘Back at the Isa’ for example, and ‘Woman on the Land’. We visited a fabulous remote station one lunch and met some amazing women there. They really are the ‘backbone of the bush’.

I’m still working on a new album, which is going well. As there is no pressure, I think it will sound quite relaxed.

The Country Music Cruise is coming up in October. It’s always fun mixing with fellow entertainers and my daughter Ami will be singing a few songs with me also. Meg and I have some great mates on board so we’ll have a fun time. I’ve agreed to do the next cruise as well!

Travel safe and see you along the road of song.