I’m so proud of my dear little birth town of Quambatook. As a small rural community that’s been struggling for survival, they recently came up with a brilliant idea. After some trial and error of what works, they are screening Australian movies on the 33-metre high concrete wheat silos. What a beautiful thing. Other Mallee towns have painted their silos, but this is much more exciting. Recently they screened, ‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert’, attracting 400 people from far and wide; from Adelaide, Mildura, Melbourne and Bendigo to name a few. People got right into  the swing of it, dressing up in drag and arriving in Priscilla buses. It was as huge success and sold out. The little town was busier than it’s been in years and it is a great boost both economically and socially to the town. Their next screening will be ‘Muriel’s Wedding’ in February 2018. Maybe you’ll see me there one day!

I must say I’m proud to pass this on. Have a look at some great photos and more information on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/QuambySiloCinema/

Cheers, Johnno