A Hell Of A Career


It is hard to describe John Williamson and his music without thinking that you have left something out or underrated his contribution and achievements.

How do you sum up an artist who has captured a country in song and had such a successful career in one of the most cutthroat industries around? It’s an almost impossible task.

Very few artists have experienced and earned the longevity of such a career as John Williamson. It’s quite rare but when you review his albums and songs you can see why.

After 43 years in the music industry, touring continuously for that period, John’s career is stronger than ever and he is still writing and recording new songs. But during this time, he has shunned celebrity and resisted offers to take his music to the international stage, preferring to stay true to his passion: Australia.

An ARIA Hall of Fame member, John Williamson has won 3 ARIA Awards, 4 APRA Awards, 8 TSA Awards, 8 MO Awards, 24 Golden Guitar Awards and sold more than 4 million albums in Australia earning numerous GOLD and PLATINUM Records. On Australia Day 1992, Williamson was made a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) “for service to Australian country music and in stimulating awareness of conservation issues”.

John is not only an artist of unbelievable musical poetry but also a man of integrity. He has always stood firm to his own beliefs and his courage of his conviction regardless of the outcome and without regrets. He is truly proud of his country and stands and sings tall with each note.

John Williamson is without question, an Australian icon. His voice and sound are as recognisable and important to Australia as the Southern Cross is to the flag. He’s performed at some of Australia’s most historic and nation stopping events, and to battlers across this vast country. His songs and music are simply for everyone.


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True Blue Causes

Many of John Williamson's fans will be aware of the causes he has supported over his long career. He promotes these during his public appearances on stage, radio, television and in the press. John has always been careful to place his patronage on those organisations which reflect his own views, particularly of Australia, its people and its bush heritage together with its flora and fauna.

He has supported a number of the organisations listed for a period stretching back well over 20 years. If you would like to take an interest in any of the causes he recommends, please check the websites for further information.

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