On the 8th April2017 John re-affirmed his ongoing support to West Australian malleefowl conservation with the announcement of his patronage to theYongergnowMalleefowl Centre at their ten-year celebration in Ongerup, in the Gnowangerup Shire, WA.

In 2007, John took up the WA malleefowl cause as patron to the Malleefowl Preservation Group (MPG), Ongerup. He was the first donor to their trust fund and since then has maintained a keen interest in the on-ground work of the organisation.

The malleefowl is unique to southern Australian states and is now listed as threatened, resulting in national research and conservation programs to save the species. Like most farming districts, the currentGnowangerup Shire landscape has been severely modified for agriculture, resulting in the clearing of 85% of the natural bushland. Today, the remaining remnant vegetation is under further threat from fire, stock grazing, rabbits and increasing salinity.

The Yongergnow Malleefowl Centre is the only one of its kind,earning itstate, national and international recognition. It was named and built on a special ‘heart and soul’ story of the cultural and heritage values of the unique and endangered malleefowl.The award-winning facility encourages visitors and provides a conservation base for the region.

‘John’s patronage is a wonderful asset. His support to this region’s malleefowl conservation programs has been greatly appreciated and serves to encourage all Australians to look to the future by preserving our own special landscapes and all that dwell within.’

Susanne Dennings (Malleefowl Preservation Group Coordinator (2012); current Yongergnow Board Member