A Letter from John on Variety Bash 2009

Dear Variety Supporter,
I’m very grateful for your support for the idea of my fans supporting Variety and signing the new Bash ute.
After talking to the sign writers, they have suggested the best way to do this is for you to simply write your signature on a plain white, good quality piece of paper, a standard postcard size, in a good thick black felt-tipped pen. All the signatures will be scanned and then organised on special sign writing decal to cover the bonnet of the ute.
So please send your signature, along with a cheque made out to Variety the Children’s Charity to my office at PO Box 399, Epping, NSW 1710. It’s very important that you include your name and address, so that a receipt can be posted to you as your $100 donation is a tax deduction for you.
Thanks again for you enthusiastic response to the idea. I feel great about my True Blue fans showing their support for Variety all over our ute.
Kind regards