Variety Bash August 2009

John has a great idea for this year’s Variety Bash:

“I am currently preparing an HQ Holden ute for this year’s Variety Bash in August. I’ve owned a lot of utes over the years, so it suits my image more than Meg’s Humber! (although she’s sad to see the old Humber go). It will celebrate my 40th year in showbiz (‘Old Man Emu’ was born on 4th June, 1970) and I’d love you all to be a part of it. So I’ve come up with this idea.

Rather than go looking for sponsors for our Bash ute, it occurred to me that there are a lot of True Blues out there who would like to help. So I’m inviting you all to sign the ute for a $100 donation for the special needs kids of Variety. How? I’ll send you a special blank sticker, you sign it or write a message on it, send it back with your donation and I’ll stick it on the vehicle. (Because it is a donation to Variety, you’ll be sent a receipt so you can claim it on your tax.)

Although I am no ‘bush hoon’, the ute will certainly look the part. It will have the biggest bull bar you’ve ever seen and be the envy of my country mates. It will be registered ‘Dinkum’ which is what you are if you have your name on it.

Let us know however you like; email, phone call, bush telegraph, mail . . . I’ll send you the sticker to sign or put your family name on it, or whatever. I don’t really mind what you put on it as long as it is returned with your $100 donation.

I hope you respond to this idea. I’d rather have my mates’ names on the car than a heap of corporate sponsors. What do y’reckon?”


PS: By the way, I have a new fan mail address. It is
[email protected]