Variety Bash

Variety The Childrens Charity

John and his wife Meg are long time participants in the NSW Variety Bash, raising money for special needs children in Australia. This year Meg and John have set themselves a target to raise $40,000 for Variety.

The NSW Variety Bash is Australia’s largest (and most popular) motoring event, having raised more than $173 million since the first one (the inspiration of Dick Smith) in 1985. More than 110 old cars take part in the NSW Bash each year, travelling to remote parts of this vast country over rough and dusty roads, for about ten days, visiting schools and kids at every stage along the way. Bashers ‘drive the miles for the smiles’. They see first hand how the money they have raised in advance is used to assist remote schools, children’s units of hospitals and individual children by providing much needed equipment to improve the quality of their education and their lives.

Meg and John are passionate about Variety. This year will be Meg’s 17th Bash and John’s th Bash. In 2014 John was awarded the 2014 Variety Australia Heart Award as a Variety Ambassador.  Donations can be made at the link below:



John and Meg supporting Tambo Teddies with a couple of purchases

All money raised goes to Variety the Children’s Charity. Donate over $100 and your name will be proudly added to their Bash car. You’ll be able to follow their journey along the way on this website, after they leave on Thursday 3rd August 2017.