How you goin’ folks?

Meg and I are excited to be hitting the road again with the crew next week. Jeff McCormack (bass player) and Clare O’Meara (on fiddle) have been locked in the Greater Sydney region. Mike Chandler (my sound engineer and tour manager) and Brendan Radford have already been with us at Australia Zoo on Australia Day. Damon Morton (my sound on stage) is not far from Newcastle. So next weekend (11th, 12th and 13th) we’ll be together again, for the first time since the beginning of March last year, in Dubbo, Orange and Bathurst and the following weekend, SA has also opened up to us now. It’s ironic after waiting so long for WA to open to other states without quarantine, it is now going through what these other states have experienced. Fingers crossed that Kings Park in Perth will still be okay to go ahead in mid March.

I’m looking forward to seeing the smiling faces of the audiences again up front in my concerts.