You might have noticed that the touring calendar is rather light on compared to previous years. John is finally doing what he said he’d do and is ‘winding back’. However, some new concert dates have recently been announced and you can find the latest info HERE. Apart from the festival in Mildura in April, the new dates are all in QLD at this stage. There’s also the Country Music Cruise in early December and some other festivals and dates will appear as the year goes by and venues are secured.

We’ve been alarmed by the increasing number of scammers impersonating John, particularly on Facebook. PLEASE be aware that John would never ask for money or to set up a meeting of any kind through Facebook or any other social media platform. if you have a special request of John, please do it through the website contact: [email protected]

He does get many, many requests for special videos and messages and decided a long time ago that he would do these for a $200 donation to Variety the Children’s Charity. In these cases, you will be given a link to John and Meg’s Variety Bash fundraising page and the money goes directly to Variety. You receive a donation receipt, which is then tax deductible for you. So, never fall for being asked for money and, if in doubt, please contact us directly on the email above. John and Meg were inducted into the Bash Hall of Fame for their work for Variety during the 2022 NSW B to B Bash; something they’re very proud of.