How y’going folks

I’m delighted that we have just put the Willoshed concerts on sale for Saturday June 9th and Sunday 10th 2018.

I know it will sell quickly, as every year more people say they are coming back and bringing friends. We’ve just had 200mls of rain recently so all the tanks are full again and the grass is growing for the cattle.

We’ve just returned from the 2017 Cruisin Country cruise. Apart from performing two concerts (with my daughter Ami joining me for a few songs) the fun part was at the Schooner Bar, which raged until about 3am every night, with various bands (mainly the Toombs brothers). Everyone, including Lee Kernaghan and I singing ‘A Bushman Can’t Survive’ together, got up and jammed. The audience loved it. I played a bit of jaws harp with some bands as well.

I now have two new songs available to stream or download. Love is the Word was triggered by the lack of love in the world today and in support of the ‘Yes’ vote. I was inspired to write the second one, Pigs on the River after seeing a program on ABC Four Corners about irrigators in the Murray-Darling River system. This is what I’ve said in my press release: ‘Any irrigators along the Murray-Darling River System who are using water that they are not entitled to should be brought to justice. They are thieves and should be ashamed of themselves. I have recorded a song called Pigs on the River in protest. I hope it encourages true blue Australians to stand up to these bullies. The perpetrators give other irrigators a bad name, and cause people down the river to suffer.’

I plan to stream tracks every now and then until I have enough tracks for a full album. I like this new way of recording. It means I can concentrate on each track and release them as singles, like the old days. I almost have a full album of new songs (just when I thought I would slow down!). The more I try to slow down, the busier it seems to get.

Meg and I also only recently finished another spectacular and successful NSW Variety Bash, which again raised nearly $2 million for special needs children.

We saw some amazing scenery especially around Jabiru. It was a highlight for me to do a concert under the stars there, for the Bashers. We drove on some pretty rough roads, negotiated a number of rocky creek crossings and the car is definitely worse for wear, so more work is being done right now in Sydney before its garaged ready for next year.
That’s all for now. Hope I catch you somewhere along the road of song in the coming months.