How y’going folks

We’re back in Sydney after flying and driving to my old Mallee district in Victoria. We caught up with cousins from Quambatook in Kerang, where I was honoured with the job of carrying the Commonwealth Games baton at the end of the run through the town. As I ran through the park I brushed the hands of a big crowd of local school kids lining the route. Must admit, I didn’t look like an athlete in my baggy shorts, but neither did many of the others. I was pleased to do it for my old district and they seemed proud of me. I’ll hang the gear in Willoshed.

Over Christmas at Springbrook we had a ring-in, Chris MacKenzie, who is a sculptor. Macca continued through the holidays, spending 231 hours to create a basalt rock carving of a traditional aborigine. The rock is found naturally on the property. We named the sculpture ‘Wunburra Man’ after the tribe who occupied the area around the Nerang River. It’s my intention to leave many sculptures in various mediums on the property as a legacy to my love of Australia.

I’m still recording new songs to complete my ‘Butcherbird’ CD for September. Meg thinks I’m getting a bit self-reflective, but I reckon plenty of my supporters will relate to that. Half the fun is playing around with instruments and percussion. Apart from Pigs on the River, it will be another celebration of the glory of the bush.

This weekend I’m off to Silverton for the Silverton Sunsets Festival. I love that country out there; it is so uniquely Aussie. It was the location for the Mad Max movie and many others.

I was so proud of Clare O’Meara, who won Musician of the Year at Tamworth this year. Clare is the first female to win that Golden Guitar. She plays fiddle and piano accordion on stage with me. Well done, Clare.

Well folks, I’ll probably write again before the Willoshed shows in June. Saturday is nearly sold out (less than twenty tickets left) and Sunday is more than half sold already.

We’ve just added a whole lot of touring dates for 2018 to the website so hopefully I’ll see you along the road of song somewhere around this great country.