How y’going folks

Wow! Another Christmas already!

It’s been a busy year again. It doesn’t seem to be slowing down when I thought it would by now (the career, I mean). It keeps my enthusiastic wife, Meg, who takes care of so many things that would drive me mad, just as busy. But you know, I feel more than ever that I am a voice out there that NEEDS to remind Aussies of our greatest heritage; our bush, and how we must take responsibility for protecting it from those who don’t care. Or should I say, those who take it for granted. The world is hell bent on the life of make believe by watching a screen for entertainment or relaxation. As I admire a large koala from the veranda at Springbrook I wonder will my grandkids have the same privilege. This is not about being a ‘greenie’; it’s about being a True Blue Aussie. I encourage you to check out what Bush Heritage is doing and be a part of it.

As 2017 approaches, I’m excited about the Willoshed shows next June. Saturday is now sold out. Get your tickets for the Sunday show HERE

In October we’ll be doing another Country Music Cruise. I’m also hoping to write enough songs for a brand new album as well. But I’ll be doing it at my own pace.

I’m also excited to tell you that we’re working on another African Music Safari trip for late June 2018. The one we did with Tourica Tours earlier this year was amazing and so many of the group wanted me to do another one. What a fabulous group of people they were, too. This time we’ll visit Cape Town again, Victoria Falls (this time from the Zimbabwe side of the falls), the Masai Mara in Kenya as well as the Serengeti in Tanzania, which I believe is stunning. Meg can’t wait! She never tired of going out on safari twice a day. As she said, you just never know what will appear around the corner. We have an itinerary already, which you can see here: TOURICA TOURS. Prices are not finalised but expecting it to be around $10,500 per person.

Some quotes from the Southern Africa trip this year:

“A trip with a great entertainer alongside a professionally run tour company you will remember forever” – Natasha, VICTORIA

“No problem was too big or small for Matt to look after, an amazing adventure with John and our new travelling friends, unbelievable service and value” – Gary, VICTORIA

“Our Southern African Music Safari with John Williamson will go down as one of the most memorable experiences of my travel history” – Wayne, MELBOURNE

Well, that’s it for me. From all of us here at Fair dinkum Road Co we wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas and New Year. Keep safe and I’ll see you along the road of song in 2017.