Solomon Islands Tour

Earlier this year, John Williamson was honoured to be invited to join the ‘Solomon Islands Tour for the Troops’. On Monday 25th February John, his daughter Ami and their sound engineer, Matt Andreatta flew to the Solomons for a special five day visit. Their main ambition was to spread music and cheer to our troops based there. Australian troops are not stationed in just one area, so it was important that John and Ami performed to the masses as well as smaller, more intimate gigs. As John said upon his return, “it was a truly uplifting and memorable experience”. Luckily we have some pictures of the tour. Please click on the photos to view an enlargement…

When John Williamson appeared on the Seven Network’s Sunrise program, his performance of a new song from his forthcoming album ‘Hillbilly Road’ prompted this email from a fan:-

“My name’s Yvette, I’m 22 from Sydney. I just heard your song Cydi and loved it. It’s a song that I think my dad and I can really relate to. We have just come back from Perth’s National Surf Life Saving Championships. We compete in surf boats and dad is our sweep. This was our first year and we got Silver! Your song sums up the bond we have developed over the years. Standing up on the podium with him was a proud and awesome moment. I cannot wait to give him your new album.”

This photo of Yvette and her dad taken just after the presentation says it all.