A C#m7 D A A C#m7 D A

A C#m7
Now’s not the time for wailin’

While there’s water in the river

A F#m7 E
We’ll all lay down and cry when it’s gone

A C#m7 D A
I’ll be a jackass and laugh at every sunrise

Celebrate the day when it’s born

A C#m7 D A
And we’ll cruise one more time down the river

F#m7 D E
While our hearts overflow with joy

A C#m7 D A
And we’ll reminisce our days down Salisbury Street

D A Bm7 E
Salisbury Street, Salisbury Street

A C#m7 D A
Yeah we’ll cruise one more time down the Murray

F#m7 D E
Don’t wave the river gums goodbye

A C#m7 D A
Just thank ’em for the shade and the stories

Tomorrow there’ll be time to cry

So untie the ropes my darlin’s
There’s broken cloud today
And that lucky ‘ole’ will paint those billows blush
Don’t wanna miss the sundown shining on the water
Chasing sneaky shadows through the bush

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Written by John Williamson
© 2000 Emusic Pty Ltd.