C Am F G7 (keep repeating)

It was before the dollar
And before the Pill
I went to this rock dance – in Swan Hill
I arrived in me E.K – hair slicked back
And I saw his sheila in tangerine socks, hair pitch black
And she walked right by me. . .
And she said. . .

CHORUS: “You wanna boogie with m’ baby?
You wanna move with m’ baby?
You wanna groove with m’ baby?”


C Am F G7 (keep repeating)

Well I strolled across the dance floor
Loves fool
And I looked her right in the eye
Real cool
And I said…nuffin’!!!

And she said


Well I didn’t let her go
She wasn’t real rough
And no-one else came near ‘er
‘Cause I was too tough

And the band was called Curly and The Cocky Stranglers – or somethin’
And they weren’t real bad either
And you wouldn’t want to know what they’re playing. . .


Well, me and Christine, we got on O.K
So I took her home, in my E.K
She’s chewin’ on Juicy Fruit
I’m chewin’ on P.K

Got one hand on the wheel ‘n’ arm
around her neck
The other hand goin’ down –
and turnin’ on the radio
They’re playing our favourite song. . .


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Words and Music by John Williamson
© 1989 Emusic Pty Ltd